Oslo Science Park is located near the campus of the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. Oslotech AS runs Oslo Science Park and aim to fasilitate the best place to start and grow a business. This unique hub stribes to contribute to economic growth, to the commercialization of science and to be a catalyst for new companies i Norway. 

Economic results is achieved in dynamic communities, with a wide range of people, ideas and resources. The Oslo Science Park was designed and established to be a melting pot. Do you consider joining the community?



The Oslo Science Park is an arena for conferences, clusters and professional networks, and a meeting place for the established business sector, the research communities, capital and talents. The Cutting Edge festival, First Friday Coffee, Food for Thought and Open House are some of the popular events here.  


At present, some 300 companies and over 3 000 people work at the Oslo Science Park. Many of the companies have global ambitions in ICT, biotechnology, health and medical technology, energy and the environment. To allow companies to focus on their core activities, our memberships include a range of services, like cleaning, a reception, post, cafeterias, meeting rooms, a day care centre, fitness centre, haircut, dry cleaning and health care services. 


Many vibrant communities and clusters are located here, like Norway Health Tech, the health incubator Aleap, the lab-incubator for biotech startups: ShareLab and StartupLab with 80+ tech startups. 


During the past 30 years, the Oslo Science Park has grown into a 57 000 sq.m. site, housing offices, laboratories, a conference centre and a car park. 


Oslotech AS runs the Oslo Science Park and is behind a number of initiatives that put innovation and entrepreneurship on the agenda. With more than 30 years of experience Oslotech AS is an independent player, with 15 employees who work hard to create value at one of Norway's most knowledge-intensive locations. The shares in Oslotech are owned by many Norwegian companies plus three major public sector actors: the University of Oslo, Siva and the City of Oslo.  



Would you consider Oslo Science Park to be the venue for your next conference? This is a modern, professional and exciting environment to host you meetings. 

Our more than 20 conference rooms are fully equipped with the latest technology and are perfect for board meetings, team briefings, out of town client meetings, lectures and seminars, investor presentations, launches, trainings and evening events.