Impact Network is an arena for scientists, industry, investors, and entrepreneurs.

Impact Network

Impact Network is an arena for scientists, industry, investors, and entrepreneurs.


The focus is Oslo Campus with the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital, SINTEF and Oslo Met.

Behind the Impact Breakfast initiatives are Oslo Science Park and The University of Oslo.



Science-based innovation is a critical component for a successful Norwegian economy. In order to develop new industries to replace a fossil dependent economy, science and R&D is where we find unexposed high potential cases.


Impact Network is a platform where scientists are invited to expose new science in a safe mode to industry participants, investors, and entrepreneurs.

The purposes of Impact Network:

  • Expose cutting edge research on campus to a broad audience
  • Empower researchers to present ideas to current thinking entrepreneurs, industry and capital, industry participants and investors.
  • Allow researchers and entrepreneurs, industry and capital to interact on relevance and help identify the potential of ideas and research.
  • Contribute to society to identify commercial potential
  • Build new networks and relationships between academia, entrepreneurs, industry, and capital.
  • Lift campus innovation potential and practice to international standards developed by the world-leading institutions.


Impact Breakfast

- We intend to hold efficient breakfast meetings of different subjects that will take place here at Forskningsparken 2-4 times a year, says Karl-Christian Agerup, CEO in Oslotech.

He is one of the initiators of the Impact Network, inspired by leading international universities like MIT, Stanford, Berkeley and Imperial College.


- Oslo as a campus has huge innovation potential, and Forskningsparken has a long tradition of being a hub where industry and science meet, Karl-Christian says. Norwegian investors have turned their eyes towards health, tech, life sciences and energy, all areas that hold a promising future and that contributes to a new green economy.


The Impact Network is of immediate value for leading academic researchers. We hope that they can get help to identify impact potential and unlock future potential value for their solutions. Our ambition is also that these events will open doors to further research projects and commercialization. We will help scientists present the science in a “safe mode” – describing the potential without revealing the specifics of the Intellectual Property.


- For investors, related industry actors and entrepreneurs it’s a chance to interact with scientists on relevance and potential of ideas and current research.



The meetings are held in Forskningsparken – Oslo Science Park. To get the invitation, please sign up for our newsletter. Make sure you choose the confirmation for Impact Network (Academia meets Industry).



The health incubator Aleap, StartupLab, the biotech incubator ShareLab, Norway Health Tech and Inven2.




Impact Breakfast

Impact Breakfast

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev

Abonner på vårt nyhetsbrev

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