StartupLab member Mainteny have installed their first 5 IoT units on 5 elevators here in Oslo Science Park.


Over the next weeks and months, they will be collecting and analysing data from the elevator car movement to predict maintenance cycles.


We are very pleased to be working with Oslo Science Park. For a B2B startup, it is extremely helpful to have early partners for pilots.

- Tom Chenna, Co-Founder & CEO, Mainteny


This is an important first step for Mainteny in their journey towards predictive maintenance and a fundamental shift in the maintenance industry.



About Mainteny


Mainteny is on a mission to empower small and medium-sized facility management companies with the right technology tools to stay competitive, customer-friendly & achieve operational efficiency resulting in increased revenue. The two main areas they are working on include (i) maintain efficiently (ii) maintain when needed. Maintaining efficiently includes digitization of maintenance processes and workflow, with the help of Mobile-First applications in the hands of technicians and their managers. Maintaining only when needed is facilitated by collecting operational data of Elevators with the help of IoT devices, analyzing and predicting the necessary maintenance cycles.



If you want to see how their product looks or learn more about their IoT approach, please drop an email to


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