ORHAS-konferansen 2018


Tone B. Simonsen, Akershus universitetssykehus HF

Forum for Klinisk Fysiologi 2017

Forskningsparkens fasiliteter er ideelle. God service og oppfølging fra Forskningsparkens ansatte gjorde at arrangementet ble en positiv opplevelse for oss alle. Tusen takk for det!

Elin Vinje, Sekretær, Forum for Klinisk Fysiologi.

Eli Aasen

Sales Manager Conference Centre

E: eli(a)

T: +47 901 03 586 | +47 23 90 50 40

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EARLI SIG Conference 2016

Thank you, for taking care of everything! It was a pleasure to have the conference at your place. The participants loved the place!

Ronny Scherer, Professor, Department of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Oslo.

Michael Tindeland


E: michael(a)

T: +47 484 90 109 | +47 23 90 50 40

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Norway Health Tech: Member meeting & Holiday Networking


Tid: 15:00 - 22:00

Sted: Forum, then Medical Growth House

Join us for our Christmas meeting where we discuss the future of the cluster, we announce Member and Company of the year and hear the new members pitch.


We are always looking forward to when we can invite our members for good discussions and create a venue for good networking. As the holidays approach we hope you can take the afternoon to spend with us and the fellow members.


Register here. 

First Friday Coffee


Tid: 08:30 - 09:00

Join us the first Friday every month at Parken Bakeri in Forskningsparken!
This is a great opportunity to meet the Forskningsparken community.

There will be 3 minute pitches, coffee and boller.

Forum for klinisk fysiologi


Tid: 09:00 - 17:00

Sted: Forum