ORHAS-konferansen 2018


Tone B. Simonsen, Akershus universitetssykehus HF

Forum for Klinisk Fysiologi 2017

Forskningsparkens fasiliteter er ideelle. God service og oppfølging fra Forskningsparkens ansatte gjorde at arrangementet ble en positiv opplevelse for oss alle. Tusen takk for det!

Elin Vinje, Sekretær, Forum for Klinisk Fysiologi.

Eli Aasen

Sales Manager Conference Centre

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T: +47 901 03 586 | +47 23 90 50 40

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EARLI SIG Conference 2016

Thank you, for taking care of everything! It was a pleasure to have the conference at your place. The participants loved the place!

Ronny Scherer, Professor, Department of Teacher Education and School Research, University of Oslo.

Michael Tindeland


E: michael(a)

T: +47 484 90 109 | +47 23 90 50 40

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Bryn Aarflot: Innovation Tuesday


Tid: 09:00 - 16:00

Sted: Sharelab, Oslo Science Park

Would you like to help with developing your innovation strategies and protecting your intellectual property rights nationally or internationally?

The intellectual property firm Bryn Aarflot is available for consulting in every aspect related to intellectual property, such as patents, design, trademarks, and copyright. We can help you with developing IP-strategies, patent drafting and prosecution, infringement assessments, and tailoring IP-related contracts for your needs. We draft and prosecute patent applications for the international market, including national, regional (European) and international (PCT) applications.

Our staff includes 15 patent attorneys, including 12 European patent attorneys, and 9 attorneys-at-law with extensive experience from the industry, research institutes, and court litigation.
We have affordable offers to start-up companies and may assist you in avoiding common mistakes encountered by start-ups.

Contact us via to book a free and confidential meeting at Oslo Science Park with one of our specialists or seek contact for an ad hoc-meeting at Sharelab.

Women in VR


Tid: 13:00 - 22:00

Sted: Oslo Science Park

Under the hood: A mathematical intro to deep learning - What do neural nets actually learn?


Tid: 14:00 - 16:00

Sted: Forum, Forskningsparken

DL has had unprecedented success and has revolutionised artificial intelligence (AI). However, despite the success, DL methods have a serious achilles heel; they are universally unstable and thus demonstrate highly non-human-like behaviour. This has serious consequences, and Science recently published a paper warning about the potentially fatal consequences. The question is: why do AI algorithms based on deep learning become unstable and perform so different to humans? Current mathematical theory on neural networks cannot explain this. We will demonstrate the reason for this discrepancy: neural networks do not learn the structures that humans learn, but completely different structures. These different (false) structures correlate well with the original structure that humans learn, hence the success, however they are completely unstable, yielding non-human performance.

The talk will be given by Dr. Anders Hansen UiO/Cambridge. Dr. Anders Hansen is head of the group in Applied Functional and Harmonic Analysis within the Cambridge Centre of Analysis at DAMTP. He is also Prof. II at the Institute of Mathematics, UiO.


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