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We’re expanding buildings D & F

In autumn 2020, Oslo Science Park will begin construction of new top floors on buildings D and F, the buildings closest to the metro track and Gaustadbekken. Our ecosystem at Oslo Science Park is growing, and we have several companies interested in being or remaining a part of it. This expansion will provide space for those interested joining our community.


Oslo Science Park – a place to scale and meet new people!

Oslo Science Park is located in an area with immense resources. The University of Oslo, the university hospitals and research institutes are knowledge hubs, all representing possible solutions to future challenges for both Norway and the world. Since its inception 30 years ago, the Park has played an important role here. It has been a meeting place for business and research, a workplace for knowledge-based businesses, and a start-up and scale-up arena for new entrepreneurial companies paving way for Norway’s future.


Value creation over profit

Oslotech AS runs Forskningsparken in Oslo as a non-profit. Oslotech has prominent and reputable owners such as the University of Oslo, Oslo Municipality, and SIVA who want us to contribute towards the business community. Our purpose is to create value in society by offering a meeting arena and infrastructure that promotes growth and innovation. Our goal is to contribute towards the commercialization of research and generating more jobs coming out of these knowledge hubs. Current real estate profits are reinvested, either in activities that support our goals (such as grants for incubators and contributions to networking arenas) or back into the buildings through upgrades.


Infrastructure for innovation

Oslotech's goal is for companies, researchers, investors, and industry to interact and collaborate so innovation and value creation can occur more easily. We support researchers and entrepreneurs who want to create value and make the world a better place. Both research and experience have shown that physical proximity fosters more interaction. Sharing insights, knowledge, and experiences with others often yields positive return. Therefore, we create common arenas, build start-up areas and incubators for new companies, conscious co-location, rig areas for different work processes, meeting places for exchange and collaboration, professional development and inspiration, and help simplify everyday life for companies and everyone working in the Park.


In the heart of Oslo Science City - Norway's first innovation district

Oslo Science City will extend from Majorstuen and Marienlyst to Blindern, Gaustad, and Radiumhospitalet. Here, knowledge hubs will work more closely with the business community and the public sector to contribute to future solutions. In the middle of the innovation district lies Oslo Science Park, one of the few areas with such space for all wishing to establish themselves in the area. Currently based here are StartupLab, considered by many to be one of Europe’s leading tech incubators, as well as the country's leading Health networks. We are also in full swing setting foundations to support the Life Sciences and Bioeconomics, in anticipation of the university’s new Life Sciences building, coming in 2024.


Oslo Science Park – paving way for tomorrow's solutions!