Rubber Duck Regatta

Calling on startups, scale-ups, students, corporates, and kids alike…
The Aleap Community challenges you to compete for honor and glory in the duck race of a century!


What: A rubber duck race for charity + a whole lotta fun!

When: Friday September. 17th, 12:00 – 15:00

Where: The Pond, Outside the main entrance of Forskningsparken

How can you contribute?

Buy your rubber duck in the reception



Racing ducks are for sale for 350 NOK at the Service Desk in the reception area. ALL of the money goes directly to Ung Kreft.


Don't have money? Bring your own duck!
There are also other opportunities to fundraise without giving us your hard-earned cash, such as making a bracelet or two at the “F*ck Cancer” workshop table.

Duck Augmention Station

Modify your duck at HardwareLab

We timed the ducks natural capability to cross the pond outside IFI, and there's NO WAY you are going to win this without modding your duck.


The race will start at 13:30, but make sure to show up earlier to register your duck, enjoy something delicious to eat and have time to modify, pimp, augment or "Quack Hack" your duck for the win at our Duck Augmentation Station hosted by HardwareLab.

Regatta Rules

  • Your duck must be duck-shaped.
  • Your duck must remain in contact with the water throughout the race.
  • You may not be attached to your duck in any way (string, radio waves, etc.).
  • Your duck must be able to display your start number.
  • Your duck cannot pollute the water or air and must not leave behind any parts.


Compete for the following categories:

  • 1st Place Champion Regatta Race Winner!
  • 1st Runner up & 2nd Runner up Regatta Race Winner
  • The featherest of them all (Best looking)
  • Most over-engineered
  • Most likely to survive the duckpocalypse
  • Most innovative
  • Best Team Name


If your company would like to contribute towards one of the prizes, or if you have any other questions relating to the event, contact Hailey Hall on or call 980 40 928


Our startups are kick-ass at fundraising and have decided that once a year we will be harnessing our superpowers to fundraise for charity. This year we have chosen Ung Kreft as the recipient of all proceeds from this year’s event. Please check out their website to read about the amazing work they do to support young cancer victims (15-35yrs) and their loved ones.




Rubber Duck Regatta


Tid: 12:00 - 15:00

Got duck? 

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