About Oslotech

Oslotech is an independent company with a mission to stimulate business growth in Norway’s most knowledge-intensive region – Oslo. We want to contribute to the creation of more companies, and more value out of Oslo’s research- and technology communities.

Since 1986 we have built and operated Oslo Science Park, centrally located just 10 minutes from the Oslo City Centre, between the campuses of the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital. Today more than 200 companies and research organizations are located in offices and labs in the science park. 

Oslotech is also the organization behind StartupLab – a business incubator and co-working space, inspired by the best incubators at the West-coast of the USA, and with room for up to 140 entrepreneurs. StartupLab also invests in selected startup companies through Founders Fund.

Oslotech initiated the program Science for Society, entrepreneurship for PhD-students, and run this together with scandinavian partner. Build2Grow is a network, events and seminars for entrepreneurs and growth companies. Oslotech is also the initiator and supporter of various cluster development networks and projects like e.g. Oslo Medtech, The Life Science Cluster and BioVerdi (“BioValue” – a project working to increase growth in Norway’s biotech-intensive industries).

Every year we organize and host many different events in our large in-house conference centre, bringing together students, researchers, enterpreneurs, people from industry, and investors.

About Oslo Science Park

Oslo Science Park is centrally located only 8 minutes from Oslo city centre. Nearly 250 companies are located in the 57000 square meters of offices and labs, which also includes a conference centre.

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How to find us

Slik kommer du til Forskningsparken i Oslo:
Med kollektivtransport: T-banens linje 3, 4 eller 6. Gå av på Forskningsparken stasjon. Følg skiltet gangsti til Forskningsparkens hovedinngang. Med bytrikken linje 17 eller 18, gå av på trikkestopp Forskningsparken og følg skiltet gangsti til Forskningsparken. Med flybussen; stoppested Gaustad, derfra er det 10 min å gå.

Med bil: Fra Ringveien, ta av og følg skilt mot Rikshospitalet. Deretter følger du skilt til Forskningsparken. Innkjøring er fra Gaustadalléen, og du fortsetter ned rundt bygget til innkjøring P-hus.

Forskningsparken har gjesteparkering i P-huset. Funksjonshemmede: Parker i P-husets U1 og følg skilt for

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