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    Oslo Science Academy aims to be a leading education provider for adults and professionals. We are located within the vibrant community at Oslo Science Park and are open for students, employees, teachers, seniors, designers, programmers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and the generally curious, old or young.

About the Academy

The Academy is a meeting place for people of diverse interests and backgrounds. Further studies have a long tradition at world-leading universities like Berkeley, Stanford, and Oxford. Further studies play a key role in keeping communities educated and competitive.


As adults, our past education has only partially prepared us for a future that is ever more complex. Whether we need to transfer from basic statistics skills to broader AI knowledge, learn more about international politics, understand climate change models, learn a new language or help our company come up with a new product concept - timely and well-prepared course modules will be a great help.


At Oslo Science Academy we recruit the best researchers, professors, designers, business professionals, and entrepreneurs to give you the latest and greatest from the combined worlds of research, business, and education.


Our goal is to contribute research-based knowledge, competence, and qualified learning to stimulate innovation and value creation. We offer courses in both Norwegian and English.

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Hanna Mårtensson

Course Manager

Hanna is a people person who loves challenges and working in the intersection between business and relationship building. She has worked within the education field for over nine years and is motivated by creating results and helping people become the best they can be. Core values for Hanna are curiosity, positivity, professionalism, teamwork, and that there's always a reason to celebrate!

E: hanna(a)forskningsparken.no

T: +47 998 96 926 | +47 22 95 85 00

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