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Prosjektskolen (Project Management Academy)

The Project Management Academy is a 100% online training centre for the development of capable project managers, project owners and project team members. It is conducted as a pedagogically structured e-learning, which allows you to learn from anywhere at any time. 


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I kommunikasjon er det få ting som slår en kraftfull presentasjon. Til og med en kort tale kan få folk til å endre mening og foreta en handling. Kurset gir deg talekunstens hemmeligheter presentert på en praktisk og engasjerende måte.



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Lederskolen (School of Leadership)

School of Leadership (Lederskolen) is a modern online training program, designed to develop both new and experienced leaders in all types of organizations. It is conducted as a pedagogically structured e-learning, which allows you to learn from anywhere at any time.


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Business English

English has developed to become the universal language for different kinds of businesses and industries all around the world. It’s a language that unites people and companies with different backgrounds.  Therefore, business English skills are more essential than ever for getting ahead and success. This course will improve your vocabulary, making your language more effective and professional.


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Learn Norwegian: A2 - Elementary Level

In A2, you will learn more about different topics in Norwegian. The subject builds on skills and knowledge acquired in the A1 module, while providing a richer vocabulary and better knowledge of linguistic structures and grammar. Topics include family and dwelling, personal finance, lifestyle and diet, leisure and social media, holidays and celebrations, geography, schooling in Norway, various occupations, job seeking and CV. The course has assignments in reading comprehension, listening comprehension, grammar, and written assignments.



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Life-long learning

We, at Oslo Science Academy, know that lifelong learning is crucial in order to stay relevant and up to date in today’s fast-changing world. Our courses are designed to equip you with skills for your professional development.


When you take a course with us you can always trust that the content is relevant, the lecturer is highly qualified, and the service is professional.

Online Education

Digital educational development - from anywhere

We offer different online courses that you can conduct from anywhere, making your learning more accessible. Take part in our virtual classroom or enroll to an e-learning course.


Webinar – save time

Webinars make it more convenient for you to attend courses, as you can take the training from anywhere without leaving the office or your home.


E-learning – flexibility

Learn from anywhere at any time.

Have the flexibility to control pace and progress based on your own needs. You can easily press pause and continue whenever it suits you. Online courses give you the freedom to take control over your own time.


Would you like to try one of our courses? Contact us.

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Employee Development

Develop your business further

If several people in your company are interested in educational development, we can host a private course just for you. Our courses can be either tailor-made or off the shelf – whatever suits you best.


You'll acquire new talent and skills that will increase productivity.


Save time by letting us manage your employee education. You can trust that our content is relevant and up to date. Our lecturers are highly qualified, and the service is professional.


Interested? Please contact us for further information or to request a proposal.

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