Learn how to use English effectively in work environments


4990,-  (includes classroom training, lunch, documentation)


2 days in a classroom


4 – 5 May, 09.00 – 16.00


Oslo Science Park




Melissa Patrick, Lingu


Benefits for you as a participant

  • Confidence when using written and spoken English in business settings
  • A better knowledge of English that is both professional and polite
  • Improved online, telephone, e-mail and face-to-face language skills
  • Tips on how to avoid typical vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation errors




Why is Business English so important?
English has developed to become the universal language for different kinds of businesses and industries all around the world. It’s a language that unites people and companies with different backgrounds.  Therefore, business English skills are more essential than ever for getting ahead and success. This course will improve your vocabulary, making your language more effective and professional.


Welcome to a two-day intensive course in a safe learning environment, where you will increase your knowledge of English and participate in interactive workshop activities.


In order to give you the highest quality, Oslo Science Academy is collaborating with Lingu - one of Norway’s most acknowledged language schools. For you as a participant this means, when you take a course with us, we guarantee quality at every level. Are you ready to take the next step? Come and improve your language skills today.



Course topics include:


  • Intercultural communication Improve communication by learning about how the Norwegian style of communication differs from other countries’ communication styles

  • Politeness and conversation skills Get confirmation about the rules of politeness in English and learn about, improve and practice small talk and conversation skills

  • Pronunciation skills Receive help with typical errors with pronouncing English words and letters of the alphabet

  • Telephone and online skills Learn about common expressions used in phone and online conversations and practice via role plays

  • E-mail writing Discover and practice using e-mail expressions and receive assistance with writing typical work e-mails

  • Common vocabulary and grammar errors Identify common vocabulary and grammar errors that Norwegians make when using English and learn how to avoid them

  • English self-study and online materials View and learn about websites for English self-study and use (e.g. business English, grammar, vocabulary, listening comprehension)


About the course leader

Melissa Patrick has worked in the English language industry for over twenty-five years, and has experience as a teacher, in managerial roles and in international marketing. She has taught English in Europe, Asia and Oceania and has worked with people from all over the world.

Melissa has taught English at Work to several organizations, such as: Confex, DNB, Finansforbundet, Forskerforbundet, Skatteetaten and many other organizations within construction, higher education, health, shipping and tech industry.