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Government initiative for the export of health industry launched at Oslo Science Park

This month, representatives from the entire spectrum of the Norwegian health industry gathered in Oslo Science Park's Trappa. Ministers Jan Kristian Vestre and Ingvild Kjerkhol presented 15 measures aimed at doubling the export revenues for the health industry by 2030.

Testing cuff-free blood pressure measurement

Elevated blood pressure increases the risk of several diseases, and since high blood pressure can easily go unnoticed, it makes sense to measure it occasionally. But have you ever noticed feeling a bit more tense when the blood pressure cuff tightens around your arm? At the Health2B offices in Oslo Science Park, volunteers have tested a new type of blood pressure monitor – without the cuff.

Targeting the root causes of inflammation and fibrosis

Arxx Therapeutics is merging with Oxitope Pharma and securing 862 million NOK from investors to finance the development of a new treatment for systemic sclerosis. The merged company will be named Calluna Pharma.

"Blue hydrogen is crucial for climate change."

Behind partially closed doors on the ground floor of Oslo Science Park, you'll find a maze of copper pipes, flasks, test tubes, nozzles, meters, and hoses. Here, researchers from the University of Oslo's Centre for Materials Science and Nanotechnology (SMN) work. Among other things, they are trying to find solutions to our need for sustainable energy.

ShareLab: Scientists for Hire

If you're in need of an extra set of hands and skillset for your project but can't hire someone full-time, ShareLab might have the solution for you. Their "Scientist for Hire" service has been successfully running for a few years already.

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