About Oslo Science Park

Oslo Science Park is a meeting place and a community for 300+ companies from business, incubators, clusters, research, and academia.

Our team

The purpose of Oslo Science Park is to facilitate value creation from growth companies and the commercialization of research. Oslo Science Park is home to several successful clusters, networks, and research environments in fields such as technology, mobility, media science, life science, health, climate, energy, and nanotechnology. Nearby, you will also find the University of Oslo, Oslo University Hospital, and numerous research institutes.

Opening Hours
Monday–Thursday: 07.30–17.00
Friday: 07.30–16.00
Weekends/holidays: Closed
Linje 4
Linje 5
Stop: Forskningsparken (6 minute walk)
Follow guided pathway to Oslo Science Park's main entrance
Stop: Forskningsparken (6 minute walk)
Follow guided pathway to Oslo Science Park's main entrance
Airport bus
Stop: Forskningsparken (6 minute walk)
Follow guided pathway to Oslo Science Park's main entrance

From Ringveien, take the exit and follow the signs towards Rikshospitalet. Then, follow the signs to Forskningsparken. The entrance is from Gaustadalléen, and you continue around the building to the entrance to the parking garage.

Directions on Google Maps

Bicycle parking for visitors is located outside the main entrance of Oslo Science Park.

Map of bicycle routes in Oslo

The entrance to the parking garage is located further past the main entrance of Oslo Science Park. Note that the first parking garage belongs to visitors of UiO. For Oslo Science Park's parking, continue the road for about 100 meters.

Parking for mobility-impaired individuals is available in the U1 section of the car park.

Opening hours:

  • For visitors: Weekdays, 07:00-17:00

  • For tenants with access cards/parking agreements: All days, 24 hours


  • Automatic credit card deduction when creating an Autopay profile

  • Payment by card at the machine in U1. Press "Pay and remember me" to avoid using the machine on your next visit

  • EasyPark app

  • Payment online within 48 hours

  • Invoice by mail (with an invoice fee) if none of the other options are used

Parking agreement:

Tenants have the opportunity to enter into a parking agreement in the parking garage at a monthly rate.

Only mail delivery, package mail, and smaller deliveries are allowed over the square by main entrance. Goods delivery should occur through the car park, and be transported directly to the tenant's area. The tenant must ensure receipt.

The maximum height in the garage is 2.10 meters. Larger trucks are requested to use the designated space for goods delivery outside the entrance gate.

Who owns and runs Oslo Science Park?

Oslo Science Park is operated by Oslotech AS, which in turn is owned by the University of Oslo, the City of Oslo, and SIVA, as well as several smaller shareholders. Oslotech aims to contribute to societal value creation by providing meeting places and infrastructure that foster growth and innovation. The company does not pay dividends to the owners, and all profits from the real estate operations are reinvested in activities, maintenance, and expansions.

Environment & Sustainability

We are committed to making sustainable choices in all aspects of our operations, such as heating, waste management, transportation, and maintenance. All suppliers are required to have a clear environmental profile and demonstrate their environmental efforts. In Oslo Science Park, tenants can easily scale their office spaces, thereby preventing resource-intensive renovations and relocation processes. We also facilitate the reuse of furniture and equipment and initiate both small and large environmental and sustainability projects.

Diversity & Inclusion.

Oslo Science Park aims to be a diverse, equal, and inclusive environment where everyone feels respected and included, regardless of factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, ability, religion, nationality, and economic status. We continuously strive to make our spaces accessible to people with disabilities and ensure that our physical spaces, technology, and services are inclusive and accommodating.

Oslo Science Park as a test arena

Oslo Science Park is a sandbox for entrepreneurs and researchers where curiosity and the joy of creation take center stage. Whether you want to conduct experiments, seek feedback on a user survey, or have a prototype you want to user-test, Oslo Science Park can be a potential venue to carry out your project.

The history of Oslo Science Park

Forskningsparken was officially opened in 1989. The initiative came from the newly established Innovasjonssenteret A/S, supported by the University of Oslo, the City of Oslo, research institutions in the Oslo region, and 11 industrial companies. The initiative for a science park brought together multiple stakeholders from industry, business, and research, jointly elevating the idea into a larger project. Since then, Oslo Science Park has become a leading center for growth, innovation, and development.