• Where Science Meets Business

    Oslo Science Park is a meeting place and community for 300+ businesses from the business sector, incubators, clusters, research, and academia. 3000 people have their workplace in offices and laboratories, in addition to all who participate in events and meetings at the Oslo Science Park. Our goal is to facilitate value creation from growth companies and commercialization of research.

Testing-one-two: Get the most out of your user testing

In UX-designer María Maurstad Ævarsdóttir’s experience, you can never be over-prepared when doing user testing. You should even test your own test! This is her step-by-step guide to success.

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With a Passion for Science

Fewer high school students are choosing to specialize in mathematics, chemistry, and physics. Nevertheless, 8 out of 10 young people emphasize the importance of thesesubjects for society. Can we encourage them to choose education based on reason rather than mere interest? is it coercion or incentives that are necessary? Four individuals deeply invested in science have diverse opinions on this matter.

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Paving the Way for the Health Industry

The government's investment in the health industry has been long anticipated, and the recently launched roadmap is a good description of the terrain but also has some shortcomings, according to key players.

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Nå kan du pante i Forskningsparken

Unibottle tester i disse dager ut sin panteløsning for privatpersoner og bedrifter hvor du har muligheten til å levere panten rett i deres pantekontainer Unibox og få panten inn på egen konto.

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Open Park 2023

Our guests for Open Park enjoyed guided tours, exciting pitches, talks and debates. Thank you all for coming, and we already look forward to next year's Open Park!


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Summer Party 2023

Big thanks to all our members for coming to the Summer Party! We had a blast and your presence made it awesome.

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Flokki: Get your vaccines checked out

Who: Ingrid Kimmestad
What: CEO & Founder
Where: Flokki

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Li-Tech: Fighting battery fires in waste sorting

Who: Synne Sauar
What: CEO & Co-Founder
Where: Li-Tech

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3SKIN: Developing the next generation of sunscreens

Who: Oscar Solér
What: CEO
Where: 3SKIN

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The power of incubators

In the rough landscape of entrepreneurship, startups often face a daunting uphill climb to success. Much like the life-saving medical incubators used to care for premature babies, an incubator for startups equips early-stage companies with the necessary skills to thrive in a competitive business world.


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Meetings with Impact: 3 basic tips for event organizers

On an average week there are 70-100 meetings and events at Oslo Science Park. People are meeting to learn something new, make connections, discuss challenges and work. UiO Growth House is one of the tenants that often show up in the event calendar.


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La humla suse: Slik bidrar Forskningsparken til biologisk mangfold

Grøntområder og biologisk mangfold er kanskje ikke det du forbinder mest med Forskningsparken. For du visste kanskje ikke at det finnes både dam, bekk, grønne tak og snart en blomstereng som bidrar til å skape liv i området rundt parken?


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New skills at lunchtime

Learn something useful for your business and get a bite to eat at the same time. MATNYTTIG will take place in Parken Bakeri on selected Wednesdays.

Free, and with no sign-up necessary.

Lys og Mørke

Lys og mørke er en åpen foredragsserie med ambisjon om å løfte og nyansere den offentlige debatten. Foredragsserien vil gå over flere sesonger, med foredragsholdere fra ulike fagdisipliner, og som vil bidra med innsikt og perspektiver både på mulighetene og utfordringene ved teknologien.


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Impact Breakfast

Academia Meets Industry

Meet scientists and start-ups presenting their latest work.

Impact Breakfast is meeting series organised by the University of Oslo, SINTEF and Oslo Science Park, and is held in Oslo Science Park.

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Developing smart and rehabilitative beehives

"We need sustainable and sensible beekeeping."

Frenchman Christophe Brod left the telecommunications industry and dove right into the beekeeping industry. Now he and Beefutures are ready to initiate a small revolution in beehives.

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Help! I am posting on LinkedIn, but no one seems to notice

Are you a LinkedIn pro or just starting out? Sonia Bains from Startuplab was the first guest at our new lecture series "Matnyttig" and had some great tips and tricks for us to succeed on LinkedIn.


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Tar du med deg mobilen på soverommet? Er den det første du plukker opp når du våkner? Hvis du i tillegg strever med søvn kan det være lurt å endre rutiner, sier gründerne av Selah Sleep, Christine Øvstedal og Maria With Hoen.

Derfor er det en dårlig idé å bruke mobilen som vekkerklokke

Tar du med deg mobilen på soverommet? Er den det første du plukker opp når du våkner? Hvis du i tillegg strever med søvn kan det være lurt å endre rutiner, sier gründerne av Selah Sleep, Christine Øvstedal og Maria With Hoen.


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Reusing your old electric vehicle battery

Discarded electric vehicle batteries are becoming a massive problem, and Evyon wants to fully utilize this "waste."

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Don't let waste go to waste

Are you good at sorting your waste at work? The numbers show that you probably have some room for improvement. In 2022, everyone working in Oslo Science Park sorted about 55% of their waste. That means almost half of what was thrown away ended up in general waste.

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Svinnet forsvinner

Det er i snitt 600 mennesker innom de to kantinene i Forskningsparken hver dag. Da gjelder det å beregne nok, men ikke for mye mat.


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På jakt etter strømtyven

- Det er ikke alltid de mest synlige tiltakene som er de meste effektive, sier Erik Ersnes. Han er teknisk sjef for Forskningsparken og har god oversikt over energiforbruket i parken.


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Collaborating with the world's largest battery manufacturers

Cenate develops and produces world-leading technology that aims to replace graphite in today's batteries.

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Bitten by the entrepreneurial bug

"To be part of starting something from nothing, to create the culture from scratch, that's what I want," asserts Heidi Frost Eriksen, the leader of Simli.

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Creating innovative solutions for the healthcare sector

Health2B is a new arena where public and private actors in the healthcare industry can come together to solve tomorrow's challenges.

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Aleap does something no other health incubators do

While other health incubators specialize, Aleap has kept its doors open to various fields. This approach has led to success. Now, they have doubled their office space and continue to grow with nearly 60 companies in their stable.

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ShareLab has six new lab suites

There is a high level of activity at the lab incubator ShareLab, and now capacity is even better. At the same time, the first companies are on their way out of the "nest".

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Driven by the desire to create world-class ventures

According to Odd Skarheim, the key to sustaining the growth of Norwegian startups and entrepreneurial businesses lies in the "simple" step of achieving success stories. The serial entrepreneur's main motivation is the desire to create something of top-notch quality.

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In search of clean water

"By combining traditional fields of expertise in new ways, you can find solutions to many problems," says the company's leader, Helene Ree Ruden.

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Forget classrooms and dull training videos

What do Equinor, Circle K, and Norwegian psychiatry have in common? They are all highly enthusiastic about the games developed by Attensi, growing from Oslo Science Park.

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How they became world leaders in blood analysis

Biotech company Vitas is now a world leader in automated analysis of dried blood. Their story is as much a story about Oslo Science Park.

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Bringing Norwegian vaccine technolgy to the world

Groundbreaking vaccines against cancer, infectious diseases, and the coronavirus are being developed at Oslo Science Park. The road to success has been unnecessarily steep, according to Norway's most successful biotechnology entrepreneur.

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Suddenly, the innovations are there, and then you have to seize them

Oslo Science Park is now gearing up to make it easier for researchers and students to bring their ideas into the world.

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Reinventing the microphone

Sverre Dale Moen was involved in establishing the tech success Chipcon in 1996. Now he is the CEO of SensiBel. What these companies have in common is that they emerge from researchers at SINTEF and have favorable growth conditions in Forskningsparken.

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New in the Park


Tid: 12:30 PM - 1:00 PM

Sted: Trappa, Forskningsparken

New in the Park?

Get a 30-minute quick guide and a tour of your new workplace.

The program includes a 20-minute presentation of Oslo Science Park and a 10-minute tour of the facilities (locker rooms, bike wash, bike parking + recycling station)

This is a drop-in event. Meet up is at Trappa from 12:30 - 13:00, every second Monday of the month.

Seminar: Automation and liquid handling


Tid: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Sted: Hagen 1, Oslo Science Park

Lab Norway invites to a seminar about automation and liquid handling. The seminar will be held in english. 

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Documentary Screening: COVID Century


Tid: 3:30 PM - 6:30 PM

Sted: Forum, Oslo Science Park

Welcome to documentary screening and panel debate
Documentary Screening: COVID Century
Panel Debate: How can we prepare better for the next pandemic? What can the life science sector do?

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Opening Hours

Monday - Thursday:

07:30 - 17:00



07:30 - 16:00





Opening Hours Summer (between July 3rd and August 11th)

Monday - Friday

08:00 - 15:00


- a shared lab facility and launchpad for bio-tech entrepreneurs.


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- a community & ecosystem for ambitious health entrepreneurs and companies.


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- Norways largest tech-incubator and early-stage investor supporting technology startups.

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