5 good reasons to choose a green commute to Oslo Science Park

Published: 24 May 2023

Text: Anne-Marie Korseberg Stokke

People working in Oslo Science Park are more likely than others to choose environmentally friendly means of transportation to and from work, shows a survey from The Norwegian University of Life Sciences and The Institute of Transport Economics from 2018. Maybe because it is easy to achieve?  

1. Public transport all around

The next departure is never far away, and the stops Forskningsparken, Blindern, Gaustad (bus), or Vindern (bus) are only a 5 to 10-minute walk from the park.

See directions.

2. Plenty of space for your bike

You’ll find bicycle parking on the square by the main entrance, or you can use one of the locked bicycle cages outside. If your bike is the kind that makes your neighbor jealous, you can rent a space in one of the locked cages in the parking basement.

3. Give your bike a good hosing down

Oslo is known to have a rainy day or two, so if your bike needs cleaning, check out the bike wash. If you prefer an indoor wash for yourself, there are wardrobes with showers available inside.

4. Charge your car while you work

In the basement parking, you will find 15 charging stations for electric cars. Register in the Onepark-app and use your own cable. Remember to move your car once it is fully charged – according to rules and common courtesy.

5. Get your pulse going. Or not.

Why not combine exercise and transportation? Whether you choose to sprint, jog, walk, or stroll to work, you’ll end up in lovely green surroundings at Oslo Science Park. After the reopening of the Gaustad River, the outside areas leading to Blindern subway station have gotten a real facelift. The riverside is decorated with moss-covered art by the art collective Straight of the Wall, you’ll find benches along the river, bicycle parking for tenants, and outdoor exercise equipment. If the journey has made you break a sweat, you can use one of the wardrobes with a shower and place your smelly shoes in the locked cabinets.