"Leader for a day"

Published: 02 November 2021

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This year, we had the pleasure of hosting 3 young leader talents who shadowed 3 top executives in Oslo Science Park as part of "Leader for a Day," an annual initiative by Ungt Entreprenørskap.

"It was exciting to have Henning Mortensen as Leader for a Day in Oslo Science Park. I learned a lot from the questions Henning asked throughout the day," says Bjørn Erik, CEO of Oslotech. "We also believe that Leader for a Day and the work we do here in Oslo Science Park provides Henning with a lot of inspiration for his entrepreneurial life."

"We want to provide students with a safe arena for training and learning before they enter the real workforce. Through 'Leader for a Day,' they receive good guidance, valuable leadership training, and an important network for their future. Therefore, we are very grateful to the leaders and companies that support the youth and inspire them for a future career," shares Grete Ingeborg Nykkelmo, CEO of Ungt Entreprenørskap Norge.

"It was inspiring for me to have a brilliantly intelligent 18-year-old who could actively participate in sparring and contribute with tips and advice in various settings with a fresh perspective," says Eirik Wahlstrøm, CEO of Ludenso. "As an example, I received good feedback on an important presentation I was going to give the next day and input on testing a demo we were going to send to a customer."

Last school year, over 13,000 students established a youth business or student company through Ungt Entreprenørskap. The young leaders participating in "Leader for a Day" are selected based on their achievements in this work and are connected with a top executive from a relevant company or organization. In "Leader for a Day," like in Ungt Entreprenørskap's other programs, there is full gender equality, with an equal number of girls and boys.

"It is incredibly motivating for these young ambitious talents that top executives from business, organizations, and politics choose to spend time on them, follow them, and give them tips and advice on their way forward. Ungt Entreprenørskap is a bridge between school and the workforce, and that is precisely what we are doing on this day," Nykkelmo explains.

Fra venstre: Henning Patrik Winsjansen Mortensen, Bjørn Erik Reinseth, Hanna Olsen, Grete Nykkelmo, Venkat Hrushikesa Varri og Eirik Wahlstrøm.

Om Ungt Entreprenørskap

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  • Ungt Entreprenørskap er en brobygger mellom skole og arbeidsliv, og programmene i skolen gjennomføres i nært samarbeid med det lokale arbeids- og næringsliv. Vi når årlig ca.120.000 elever og studenter fra grunnskole til høyere utdanning med programmer om entreprenørskap, økonomi og jobbtrening.

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