ShareLab: Scientists for Hire

Published: 19 October 2023

Text: Anne-Marie Korsberg Stokke

Photo: Angelique Culvin-Riccot

If you're in need of an extra set of hands and skillset for your project but can't hire someone full-time, ShareLab might have the solution for you. Their "Scientist for Hire" service has been successfully running for a few years already.

ShareLab is perhaps best known as an incubator for biotech startups and a place where you can rent laboratory space. However, they can also provide you with access to skilled labour in the form of scientists and lab technicians.

"We always provide infrastructure, lab space, and instruments, but we also provide people. We see that some companies have well-funded projects to carry out. However, since projects are time-limited, they can't hire full-time employees. This is where ShareLab can offer a flexible and attractive solution," says Marius Øgaard, one of the partners at ShareLab.

From left: Samrawit M. Gebretensaie, Marius Øgaard & Katarzyna J. Marciniak in the ShareLab-team.

"In collaboration with the customer, we find a qualified individual, and we handle all the practical aspects of payroll and personnel."

Marius Øgaard

He explains that the expertise they offer can come from the regular ShareLab team, freelancers, or from one of the startup companies in their portfolio with available capacity.

"In collaboration with the customer, we find a qualified individual, and we handle all the practical aspects of payroll and personnel. This is a low-threshold service, designed to be both simple and quick to get started with," he says.

"All customers who rent either space or personnel are responsible for the execution and quality assurance of experiments, and, of course, they own all results," emphasizes Øgaard.

One of the companies that have used this service is Tribune Therapeutics AS. They are developing a new drug for the treatment of various types of fibrosis. They recently hired a researcher from ShareLab to carry out project work that they couldn't accommodate with their regular staff.

"This has been very convenient and valuable for us. This solution makes it easy to quickly start practical work and get results," says Georg Vo Beiske, CEO of Tribune Therapeutics.

Samrawit Michael is a laboratory engineer at ShareLab and one of the researchers available to hire for a project. She holds a Master's degree in molecular biology and biochemistry and has several years of experience as a trainee at the Institute for Cancer Research at OUS.

 Katarzyna J. Marciniak & Samrawit M. Gebretensaie in ShareLab.

"I love my job as a 'Scientist for hire' at ShareLab. It's exciting to delve into scientific research, learn new techniques, and connect with people from different companies, and learn new skills. This role as a recent graduate provides me with an important opportunity to expand my horizons and my network," says Samri.

Do you need additional expertise for your project? Get in touch with ShareLab.