A jump start for ambitious entrepreneurs

An incubator can provide expertise, networking, and financing for startups.

Is your company newly established and in need of office space as well as access to expertise, networking, and financing? In that case, you can apply for a spot in one of our three incubators: Startuplab, Aleap, or ShareLab.

Empirical evidence shows that physical proximity contributes to more interaction. Sharing insights, knowledge, and experiences with others usually brings something positive in return. That's why we, in Forskningsparken, create common areas, establish startup spaces and incubators for new companies, work on conscious co-location, set up spaces for various work processes, meeting places for sharing and collaboration, professional development, and inspiration.

Startuplab: Technology

Startuplab is an incubator, accelerator, and early-stage investor for Norway's most ambitious technology startups, spanning six different industry programs. Founded in Forskningsparken in 2012, Startuplab is now present in both Oslo and Bergen, with nearly 100 active member companies at any given time. Since its inception, Startuplab has made investments in over 130 companies.

Aleap: Health

Aleap is the largest incubator for health startups in the Nordics. Through the unique Aleap™ Model, they help ambitious entrepreneurs build successful growth companies, providing them with world-class competency, network, and funding.

ShareLab: Biotech

ShareLab is Scandinavia's leading biotech incubator for academia, startups, and industry. It is a space where the next generation of biotech companies is fostered. ShareLab provides office space, fully equipped laboratories, lab management, a professional and commercial network, as well as guidance—all located on two floors in Oslo Science Park.

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Hardwarelab: Build, test, repeat

If you walk through the glass corridor on the ground floor of Oslo Science Park, you will encounter something resembling a zoo for tech enthusiasts. It's Startuplab's workshop, Hardwarelab. Here, prototypes are developed, tested, modified, discarded—or end up as successful products.

ShareLab: Scientists for Hire

If you're in need of an extra set of hands and skillset for your project but can't hire someone full-time, ShareLab might have the solution for you. Their "Scientist for Hire" service has been successfully running for a few years already.

Paving the Way for the Health Industry

The government's investment in the health industry has been long anticipated, and the recently launched roadmap is a good description of the terrain but also has some shortcomings, according to key players.

ShareLab has six new lab suites

There is a high level of activity at the lab incubator ShareLab, and now capacity is even better. At the same time, the first companies are on their way out of the "nest".

Aleap does something no other health incubators do

While other health incubators specialize, Aleap has kept its doors open to various fields. This approach has led to success. Now, they have doubled their office space and continue to grow with nearly 60 companies in their stable.

Aleap blant de 25 beste biotech inkubatorene i Europa

For første gang er Aleap inne på Labiotech.eu sin liste over de 25 beste biotech inkubatorene i Europa.

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