3SKIN: Developing the next generation of sunscreens

Who: Oscar Solér | What: CEO | Where: 3SKIN

What is 3SKIN, and what problem are you aiming to solve?

Half of Norway's population over 50 has skin damage caused by sun exposure, which again can develop into skin cancer. 3SKIN is creating a sunscreen that does three things: It protects your skin from sun damage, renews the upper skin layer and helps the growth of collagen, leading to healthier skin. We are using the same method that has been used in medical treatment of skin cancer and sun-damaged skin for over 30 years, only in lower doses.

The idea came from one of the founders, a dermatologist, as a wish to fix the problem of skin damage before medical treatment is necessary.

Why did you choose to join a startup?

I joined 3SKIN because I really believe in this product. I think we can make a difference and change how people think about skin and skin health. We have a product based on 30 years of research, a strong team of dedicated people and reliable funding from our investor network. My background is in industrial design, but I have also studied medicine, so this was a perfect match.

When did you last think: This will never happen!

We experience setbacks all the time. Patent applications are notoriously hard, especially in the US. Product development is challenging. One example is that our active ingredient initially required the product to be stored cold. Not very practical for sunscreen! But we solved it, and our product can be kept at room temperature for 2 years.

When did you last think: This is going to succeed!

Just before Christmas when we could claim to have a finished product. It has been a gradual process of course, but that was a highlight.

What is your best advice to new entrepreneurs?

Don’t give up! It is going to be harder than you think and take longer than you imagine, but my experience is that it all usually works out in the end. Dialogue and patience will get you there!


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