Aleap is a non-profit incubator that offers a community for health startups. Their mission is to facilitate innovation and value creation by developing an ecosystem for ambitious health entrepreneurs and companies to create new products better and faster.

Aleap believes that entrepreneurship and successful startups will benefit from collaboration in a multidisciplinary environment with proactive sharing.


Aleap Offers:

  • Help you reach your growth goals, with their own methods to guide you and your start-up company, whether it be development, financing or commercialization.
  • A stimulating environment with like-minded entrepreneurs. Aleap facilitate sharing, learning and collaboration through professional and social meeting places.
  • A development course made especially for your company with the expertise you need along the way. Their national and international network of experienced advisors contributes to an increased chance of success.


Aleap is situated at the innovation, research and knowledge hub, Oslo Science Park. The Science Park has a long tradition of commercializing R&D activities and is today home to more than 300 companies.

Aleap is funded through the support of SIVA, Oslo Municipality and Innovation Norway to foster an ecosystem for health startups and innovation.
Industry experts collaborate with us to provide our members with the best possible knowledge, networks and services so the entrepreneurs can focus on their core business. We have representatives in IPR, regulatory services, legal, design, financing, accounting and production services.


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Aleap does something no other health incubators do

While other health incubators specialize, Aleap has kept its doors open to various fields. This approach has led to success. Now, they have doubled their office space and continue to grow with nearly 60 companies in their stable.

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The power of incubators

In the rough landscape of entrepreneurship, startups often face a daunting uphill climb to success. Much like the life-saving medical incubators used to care for premature babies, an incubator for startups equips early-stage companies with the necessary skills to thrive in a competitive business world.


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Aleap teamet.
Fra venstre: Erling Nordbø, Hailey Hall, Shane West og Ove Solesvik

Aleap blant de 25 beste biotech inkubatorene i Europa

For første gang er Aleap inne på sin liste over de 25 beste biotech inkubatorene i Europa. De største og mest toneangivende miljøene har lenge vært på denne listen og de fleste har en 15-20 års historie som inkubator/innovasjonsmiljø.


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